Lyndon Baines Johnson

MILO: ‘LBJ Was A Real Racist’

As part of his talk at University Wisconsin-Milwaukee on race and the left, MILO said that former U.S president Lyndon B. Johnson was a “real racist.”


Bloomberg Business: ‘Gun Lobby’ Has Been Winning Since 1968

On December 23, Bloomberg Business responded to the post-San Bernardino rejection of gun control by suggesting gun control was beaten the same way it has been beaten since 1968; by a “gun lobby” led by an NRA that is a force to be reckoned with.

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LBJ or MLK? Selma Debate Highlights Skeletons in Democrats’ Closet

In the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, the moment when the momentum shifted decisively against Hillary Clinton was when the New York Senator embroiled herself in a controversy over whether President Lyndon Baines Johnson or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. deserved


‘Selma’ Under Fire for Dishonest Trashing of Lyndon Johnson

The stakes are pretty high for “Selma,” a historical biopic about the landmark 1965 civil rights march that focuses on the relationship between civil rights leader Martin Luther King and President Lyndon Johnson. Even before it hit screens, the critically-acclaimed