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Meth Lab Found Under NY Walmart Parking Lot

A NBC4i report says that police found more than low prices at a New York Walmart on Monday. Police discovered a meth lab in a drain underneath the parking lot of an Amherst, NY Walmart. The drainage pipe is reportedly tall enough to

REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

Mexican Meth Overtakes US Sources as Domestic Lab Seizures Plummet

The synthetic drug known as methamphetamine (meth) as steadily increased in the U.S., although domestic production has dropped significantly since one of the key ingredients became highly restricted in 2004. As a result, Mexican meth traffickers have seized upon the market opening and are flooding the U.S. Midwest with Mexican meth.


Eight Mexican Cartel Operatives Ran Atlanta Meth Ring

Eight operatives of a Mexican drug cartel were sentenced to U.S. federal prison for their role in running a Methamphetamine distribution ring in Atlanta, Georgia. Court records don’t specify which drug cartel the group belonged to, but most of the

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