Mike Murphy

Ann Coulter: A Night to Remember

In fairness, we Trump supporters don’t want to be sore winners, so we ought to set a time limit on our gloating. I propose three years. In that spirit, let us revel in the Never Trumpers’ tweets leading up to Trump’s election night triumph. Now that I’ve had time to do a full archeological dig, I’m able to present a whole new treasure trove of smug idiocy.


Scarborough: Jeb Bush’s Problem Not Trump, But Jeb Bush

On Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough reacted to an interview posted on Bloomberg Politics with Mike Murphy, the head of the pro-Jeb Bush super PAC Right to Rise USA. In that interview, Murphy says some disparaging things


Jeb Bush’s PAC Strategist: Donald Trump Is ‘Dead Politically,’ Just A ‘Zombie’

A top supporter of Gov. Jeb Bush is saying the GOP’s 2016 frontrunner, Donald Trump, is “dead politically” and won’t be President of the United States, despite being at the top of the polls. Trump is “a false zombie front-runner. He’s dead politically, he’ll never be president of the United States, ever,” Mike Murphy said in an interview with Bloomberg Politics.


Former RNC Staffers Join Jeb Bush’s ‘Different’ Presidential Campaign Team as SuperPAC Rakes in Huge Donations

Not only has Jeb Bush’s team developed an integrated campaign strategy among three related organizations that is highly sophisticated, it appears to have been able to staff up almost entirely from existing relationships within the RNC and Republican establishment. In contrast, Marco Rubio is apparently the only other candidate to date who has landed a staffer with a high profile RNC pedigree.

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