Money Laundering

Fearing the Acapulco police force had been infiltrated by drug cartels, Mexican marines, together with state and federal police, deployed in a massive ground and air operation around the Pacific coast city's police headquarters

Mexico Captures Drug Trafficker from DEA’s Most Wanted List

Mexican authorities arrested a top ranking Sinaloa Cartel operator responsible for coordinating the flow of cocaine and cash to the U.S. from Colombia and Mexico. The drug lord had armed bodyguards with Mexican police credentials at the time of his arrest.

Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS

Fusion GPS Founders: ‘Put Aside Russia Collusion’

Fusion GPS founders Peter Fritsch and Glenn R. Simpson urge the public to set aside the “Russia collusion” theory and to focus instead on President Donald Trump’s business practices, which they say could have aided global money-laundering.

Thuman - Lobos - 24K Cash

Texas Deputy, K9 Find $21K in Drug-Laced Cash During Traffic Stop

A Texas sheriff’s deputy and his K-9 partner seized $21,000 in drug-laced cash during a routine traffic stop between Houston and San Antonio. The driver, a Mexican national, allegedly hid the money in a plastic bag containing a comforter.

Dr. Ref Rodriguez LAUSD KTLA5

LAUSD President Charged with Conspiracy, Perjury

The president of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and his cousin were each charged with conspiracy and perjury related to alleged improper donations to campaign funds.

Mexican gas station

Mexican Border Gas Station Sold Stolen Cartel Fuel for Years, Say Prosecutors

For more than two years, a gas station in this border city worked as a front for the sale of fuel allegedly stolen by Mexico’s Gulf Cartel. State and federal authorities raided the business after an investigation revealed that, since June 2015, the gas station had not been buying gasoline from Mexican Petroleum (PEMEX), the entity in Mexico that controls all of the extraction, refining, and sale of fuel in the country.

Barrio Azteca Gang Members

Bario Azteca Gang Lord Pleads Guilty to Murder, Drug Charges

A lieutenant in the Bario Azteca gang admitted in a San Antonio federal court to his role in a conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country, racketeering, distributing controlled substances, importing heroin, cocaine and marijuana, and money laundering.

Counterifeit goods HSI

Feds Warn of Cartel Money Laundering Scheme in South Texas

HARLINGEN, Texas — Mexican drug cartels have been buying and selling counterfeit goods at flea markets and small stores as a way to launder their drug proceeds, federal agents said. As Halloween celebrations approach, authorities are warning about certain counterfeit goods that could pose a health risk to unsuspecting customers.

Backpage Screenshot CEO Now in California to Face Pimping Charges

The CEO of agreed to immediate extradition to California after his arrest in Houston on money laundering and pimping charges. Carl Ferrer was taken into custody on Friday after he arrived at a Houston airport on a flight from Amsterdam. He is now in a California jail.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Hosts $50,000-per-Ticket Hillary Fundraiser

Despite Hillary Clinton’s convention outreach to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s supporters over campaign finance reform — “Your cause is our cause,” she said — Apple CEO Tim Cook is hosting a fundraiser for Clinton at up to $50,000 a ticket.

Bahraini top senior Shiite cleric, Sheikh Isa Qassim speaks during a protest against the closing down of a Shiite Muslim clerics' council earlier this week, at a mosque in the capital Manama, on February 2, 2014. A Bahraini court ordered the closure of the Olamaa Islamic Council and the liquidation …

Bahrain Tries Shiite Cleric For Money Laundering

Bahrain’s top Shiite cleric went on trial Wednesday on charges of illegal fund raising and money laundering, judicial sources said, just weeks after the Sunni-ruled kingdom revoked his citizenship.