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Army Surrenders to Indians in North Dakota

The Army surrendered Friday to Native American protesters who had gathered in North Dakota at the intersection of the Cannonball and Missouri Rivers by voluntarily suspending the Daktoa Access Pipeline project.

Dakota pipeline protest (Robyn Beck / Getty)

DOJ Moves to Halt Energy Pipeline After Tribal Fail

The U.S. government moved on Friday to halt a controversial oil pipeline project in North Dakota that has angered Native Americans, blocking construction on federal land and asking the company behind the project to suspend work nearby.

Native Americans marching to a sacred burial ground, disturbed by bulldozers building the Dakota Access Pipeline, near the encampment where hundreds of people have gathered to join the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's protest of the oil pipeline

More Police Requested to Contain ‘Violent’ Pipeline Protests

ASSOCIATED PRESS — North Dakota authorities are recruiting law enforcement officers from across the state to guard the site of a protest in anticipation of an impending federal ruling on whether to block the construction of the four-state Dakota Access oil pipeline.


Militant Native American Protesters Attack Pipeline Crew

A longstanding protest against a Texas-based energy company’s plan to build a pipeline near tribal lands in North Dakota turned violent against construction crews and a limited security team over the Labor Day weekend.

Various videos and local reports have confirmed that “hundreds” of Native American protesters and supporters of the Standing Rock Sioux turned violent at a construction site under the management of Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners near Cannon Ball, ND. The Associated Press reported that four private security guards and two dogs were injured in the incident as a result, according to the Morton County Sherriff’s Office. Though protesters have asserted through a variety of mediums that they were the ones first attacked, many of their own videos purport to show the opposite occurred.

Pipeline Protest

Missing Junipero Serra Statue Head Recovered

The decapitated head of a statue of 18th century Roman Catholic missionary St. Junipero Serra, which went missing this past October, was discovered by a young girl during low tide Saturday afternoon, just off the coast of Monterey.

Junipero Serra (Reuters)

Stanford Students to Crusade Against Catholic Saint’s Name

Students at Stanford University, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, are attempting to scrub names and symbols that honor people who are historically connected to slavery and colonialism from the college campus. The move echoes a series of colleges across the nation whose students have attempted to do the same.

Junipero Serra (Reuters)

Pope Urges Congress To Reject ‘A Mindset of Hostility’ Toward Immigrants

In his historic speech to the joint session of the U.S. Congress, Pope Francis addressed the topic of immigration for the third time since arriving on American soil, urging Americans not to “repeat the sins and the errors of the past” by treating immigrants as North America’s earlier settlers treated the American Indians.

Pope Francis addresses a joint session of Congress on September 24, 2014 in Washington, DC. The Pope is the first leader of the Roman Catholic Church to address a joint meeting of Congress, including more than 500 lawmakers, Supreme Court justices and top administration officials including Vice President Joe Biden. …

Junipero Serra: Left Leaves Native, Black Latinos Behind for Pope Francis

The canonization of Fray Junipero Serra should have been a rallying cry for the Left. Pope Francis has given America its first saint–a man who dedicated his life to bringing Christianity to the native peoples of California. Many Native Americans see Serra as a conquerer who used violence to impose a religion. They have, selectively, spoken up, but the silence on the part of mainstream left media and white liberals is deafening.

Statue of Father Serra in DC

Michelle Obama To Tribal Youth: America Embracing ’Wisdom Of Your Ancestors’ On Climate Change

“Long before the United States was even an idea, your ancestors were harvesting the crops that would feed the world for centuries to come,” Michelle Obama tells Native Americans. “Today on issues like conservation and climate change we are finally beginning to embrace the wisdom of your ancestors,” she said. “So make no mistake about it, your customs, your values, your discoveries, are at the heart of the American story.”

First Lady of the Unites States Michelle Obama speaks at the 2015 MORE Impact Awards Luncheon at The Newseum on June 29, 2015 in Washington, DC. (Photo by

Judge Cancels Redskins’ Trademark Registration

On Wednesday, Judge Gerald Bruce Lee dealt the Washington Redskins another blow in the team’s battle to retain its nickname, canceling the team’s federal trademark registration.


Vatican Okays Sainthood for Father Junipero Serra

On Wednesday, a Vatican panel approved the scheduled canonization of Father Junipero Serra when Pope Francis visits Washington D.C. in September. Widely disparate reactions followed the announcement, with some Californians thrilled and others bitter about conferring sainthood on the 18th century churchman largely responsible for the mission system in California.

Junipero Serra (Reuters)

Francis to Canonize Junipero Serra; Hero or Villain?

The question of whether to canonize or not to canonize Father Junipero Serra has raged now that Pope Francis has decided to nominate Serra for sainthood. The dichotomy among Californians triggered by Serra’s nomination springs from significantly different viewpoints.

Junipero Serra (Reuters)