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Maria Jose Delgado helps lead a Zumba exercise class in a low-income neighborhood of Denver

Free Personal Trainers For the Overweight, Courtesy Of NHS

The NHS will now pay for people at risk of developing diabetes to have free “motivational coaches” to held them with their diet and encourage them to exercise. The “one-to-one health trainers” will be offered as part of the Diabetes


Farage Was Right: Foreigners Have Abused The NHS For Years

Foreigners have abused the NHS for years as government ministers and health bosses agreed to look the other way in the great health tourist cover-up. The vast scale of health tourism, all funded by British taxpayers, has now been revealed by whisteblowers


UK’s Sacred Cow NHS Amongst Worst In Developed World

A damning report on the state of health services in countries across the world has shown the National Health Service to be well behind other wealthy countries. Research by the Economist Intelligence Unit showed the UK has fewer doctors, nurses,