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Netanyahu Slams Obama, West for Violating More ‘Red Lines’ in Iran Deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued an angry warning Sunday about an impending nuclear deal between the world’s major powers and Iran, as negotiators drew close to a final agreement on Sunday. “We will not pay the price for this,” Netanyahu said, in a statement recalling the manner in which the West had abandoned Czechoslovakia to the Nazi regime at the Munich negotiations in 1938.

Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu (Gali Tibbon / AFP / Getty)

What You Need to Know About the Iran Nuclear Talks

Last week in Geneva, U.S. and Iranian officials kicked off another round of talks in an attempt to resolve the long conflict over Iran’s nuclear program. While Iran insists it only wants to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, and has every right to do so, world powers fear the country is working to develop a nuclear bomb.


Experts Correctly Fear Rising Threats from Russia, Iran as White House Stays Idle

Informed foreign policy and economic experts rightly fear one gathering threat today even more than genocidal attacks by the purported Islamic State and its shadowy network of affiliates: the possibility that Russia, an ever expanding power, could one day provide military and diplomatic cover to Iran as that nation contrives to topple the monarchy in Saudi Arabia, and subsequently extends control by force over other energy-rich Arab kingdoms, including United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain.


Obama’s Dangerous Lies About His Iran Record

Obama claimed: “What was remarkable was that when I came into office, the world was divided around this issue. Iran was united. Through some very strong diplomatic work, we united the world and isolated Iran.” Obama also claimed: “The agreement has held and negotiations have been serious. We have not lost ground. Iran has not accelerated its program during the time these negotiations have taken place.” All of those claims, however, are false–and dangerously so.