Obamacare premiums

Trump Valley Forge (Chip Somodevilla / Getty)

Never Mind the FBI: Obamacare Is Still Donald Trump’s Core Message

At every stop, Trump draws cheers and chants by mentioning Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. But the core of his message remains the same as it was before the FBI announced that he was re-opening its investigation into Hillary Clinton last week: Trump is laser-focused on Obamacare.


TV Networks Largely Ignore Obamacare’s Death Spiral

The major networks have essentially ignored the Obama administration’s confirmation that Obamacare will offer Americans double-digit premiums and very few choices in insurance plans in 2017.

Health Care costs (David Franklin / Getty)

More Obama Insurance Premiums to Jump 30%

Recently, Breitbart News broke the story last week that major insurers in a number of states were proposing up to 51 percent healthcare premium increases for Obamacare policies. Now Illinois and Pennsylvania are also seeking 2016 rate hikes in the range of 30 percent.