Operation Strong Safety

52 New Texas DPS Troopers Headed to the Border

Texas is sending fifty-two new Department of Public Safety troopers to the Texas/Mexico border region. The new troopers are part of the State’s efforts to beef up border security by providing more permanent law enforcement resources along the border region.

DPS Troopers

Rick Perry’s Record on the Border

Nearly one year ago, then Texas Governor Rick Perry announced he was sending 1,000 soldiers from the Texas National Guard to “secure the border.” This action came during Perry’s last half of his fourteen years as Texas’ governor. Perry’s inconsistent record on border security and illegal immigration contains action, rhetoric and inaccurate assertions, as examined below.

Perry's promise

Abbott: DPS to Secure Most Wide Open Area of Texas Border

WESLACO, Texas – The most wide open area along the Texas border may soon get a boost in law enforcement presence as well as technology, said Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The border city of Laredo and its surrounding areas has a long history of being used for drug and human smuggling by the Los Zetas cartel. A lack of a border fence and populated areas just yards from the Rio Grande have led to detentions of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers around city streets Breitbart Texas previously published.

Greg Abbott at the Border

Report: Border Surge a Success; Permanent Troopers Now Needed

A leaked report from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) states that border surge was largely a success. The report cites numbers indicating a reduction in illegal immigrant border crossings and cartel activity. The report lays the foundation for Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s plan to increase the number of permanent DPS troopers along the Texas-Mexico border.

Texas River Boat - Mission Texas

Breitbart Texas Witnesses DPS Troopers Saving Two Salvadorian Young Women from Likely Sexual Slavery

Breitbart Texas witnessed the capture of two young women from El Salvador who had just entered the United States illegally. Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers observed the two females emerging from the brush along the bank of the Rio Grande River in Anzalduas Park. Their capture prevented the two from the likelihood of being forced into the sexual slavery that many young women from this region have faced.