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Obama Introduces National Hacker-Defense Plan

President Barack Obama signed two executive orders on Tuesday about cybersecurity and described his Cybersecurity National Action Plan in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. Critics will wonder why many of the ideas in the National Action Plan were not implemented years or


Officials: ‘No Indication’ China Has Stopped Hacking American Companies

China’s talk of cyber-security reform has not been followed by significant action, according to U.S. intelligence officials. “We haven’t seen any indication in the private sector that anything has changed,” said National Counterintelligence Executive William Evanina on Wednesday, as he announced a forthcoming report on economic espionage in cyberspace.

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Cyber-War Is Too Easy, Effective, and Deniable to be Stopped

China’s success at perpetrating massive cyber-attacks against the United States – including arguably the biggest hack in history, the Office of Personnel Management raid – without any repercussions means cyber espionage is here to stay. It’s too easy, too effective, and too deniable to be stopped.


Cyber-War Surrender: Obama Will Bow to China’s Dictators

The Obama Administration has been building up to the visit of Chinese unelected President Xi Jinping by talking tough about cyber-espionage. But the reality behind this tough talk is that Obama will likely let China off the hook for their past actions, and allow China to posture as the world’s firmest enemy of cyber espionage.

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Hackers Have a Field Day at the Department of Energy

Does anyone in the Administration think the public should have been told their massive Energy Department – which is primarily concerned with interfering with energy production, not creating it – was hit by hackers over a thousand times, and successfully penetrated on 159 occasions? We needed USA Today to choke the news out of them with a FOIA request?

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U.S. Considers Cyberwar Sanctions Against Russia, China

Hard on the heels of reports that China and Russia are busy using stolen U.S. government data to identify American intelligence officers and assets, comes word that the Obama administration is considering retaliatory sanctions against Russian and Chinese targets.

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China and Russia Build Massive Database from Hacks to Use Against America

According to U.S. officials cited by the L.A. Times, China and Russia are cross-indexing the mountain of data stolen in the Office of Personnel Management hack earlier this year with other major data breaches, including stolen airline bookings and the Ashley Madison subscriber database, to identify intelligence officials, their agents, and assets.

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John Kerry Writes Emails Assuming Spies Are Reading Them

The Obama crew’s transcendent belief in the power and wisdom of government, which they think should be micro-managing every American business and personal life, is matched only by the staggering incompetence of the hugely expensive government they administer. Now we get this preposterous Secretary of State Kerry glibly assuring us that he writes his mail on the assumption that it will all be stolen as soon as he clicks Send. Not even the Carter years ended with expectations lowered so much.


Chinese Hackers Also Hit United Airlines, Stole Travel Information

United Airlines has announced a penetration of its computer security in May and June, with investigators saying it was most likely the same Chinese squad that carried out the “cyber Pearl Harbor” attack on the Office of Personnel Management, along with an operation against health insurance company Anthem. It appears the Chinese raiders made off with a sizable amount of flight information, including passenger lists, from United.

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OPM Data Breach Expands to 25.7 Million Americans

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has revealed that hackers stole personal information on 25.7 million Americans. That information included Social Security numbers, financial histories, mental health records, and in over a million cases, fingerprints.

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Federal Hack Endangered At Least 25 Million People, and Counting

According to the revised government estimate, some 21.5 million Social Security numbers were stolen by the hackers. The Office of Personnel Management has announced it will pay for credit-monitoring and identity-theft services for all of them. If a significant number of the pilfered identities are used for criminal activity, the financial chaos unleashed will be devastating.


Report: Chinese Hackers Got Into FBI Personnel Files

As always, the breach was hushed up, and its full extent is still either unknown or being kept from the public, including potential primary and secondary identity theft victims. (When personnel files are raided, the friends and family of the targets have reason to be nervous that they might be the next targets.)

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Obama ‘Raises Concerns’ About Hacking With China After Most Devastating Cyber Attack in History

It’s amazing to watch the hapless Obama foreign policy team underplay Cyber Pearl Harbor — the massive Chinese attack on vital U.S. government systems that has put up to 18 million current and former federal employees, plus their friends and families, at risk of identity theft, and dealt damage to American human intelligence efforts that will take years to repair.

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Administration Caught Lying About OPM Hack Again, May be 4x Larger Than Reported

What if we’d known from Day One that the real number is more like 18 million current, former, and prospective federal employees, as CNN reported on Monday night? Just the other day, Administration flacks were whining that the 14 million worst-case number floated by some security analysts was exaggerated; now it looks like that was a lowball estimate. America has suffered an act of war, but this White House remains more interested in keeping it quiet than dealing with it.

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New Revelations Suggest Chinese Hackers Had Inside Help

Not only has the American human intelligence system been disastrously compromised around the world, but back here at home, the intel community is going to be playing defense for years to come, worried sick about how many government employees with security clearances might have been approached for recruitment or blackmail by China and its allies.


Chinese Hackers Had a Year to Access OPM Security Clearance System

The bombshells just keep coming in the Office of Personnel Management’s hack, which is bidding to eclipse Obamacare’s launch as the most stunning example of Big Government incompetence in the Information Age. The latest bad news is that Chinese hackers had a full year to rummage around inside the OPM’s security clearance system–plenty of time to take just about anything they wanted.

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Office of Personnel Management IT Was Running Out of… China

The government knew security was wide open for years, and did nothing. It’s a wonder they weren’t hacked before now. There will be no “accountability” for any of this. The Obama Administration doesn’t like to concede any sort of error by collecting scalps from inept high-level employees, and it worries a great deal about what some of them might say in whistleblower interviews or tell-all books.

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OPM Breach Gets Even Bigger: Congressional Staff Hacked, Too

House and Senate staffers were previously told by OPM that only those with executive branch experience were at risk from the hack. Not until today’s House Oversight Committee hearings did the OPM director officially acknowledge that workers from all three branches of government were affected by the data breach.

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OPM Hack Raises Questions About Cyber-Attack Liability

No one is ever held responsible for failure in government any more; even the most breathtaking incompetence and abuse lead to zero terminations or punishment. Congress is beginning to grumble about hearings and subpoenas, but even those tend to be ignored and subverted in the Obama era.