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Pepe the Frog

BBC Claims ‘Great Meme War’ Could Swing French Election for Le Pen

The BBC has run a series of online and radio segments claiming the “great meme war has travelled to France”, implying Internet jokes could swing the French election for the Front National as the broadcaster alleges they did for Trump and Brexit in the UK and U.S.

Le Pen Pepe Meme

Venezuelans Using ‘Rare Pepes’ and Bitcoin As Currency

Venezuelan internet users have quantified the “Rare Pepe,” converting the internet meme into a Bitcoin-linked alternative currency to escape the economic controls imposed by Venezuela’s socialist regime.


#NotAllPepes: Popular YouTubers Defend Pepe the Frog

Several prominent YouTubers have defended Pepe the Frog in a new video, dismissing claims by the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media that the internet meme is an icon for white supremacy.


NBC’s Katy Tur: Milo a ‘White Supremacist Icon’

NBC’s Katy Tur accused Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos of being a “white supremacist icon,” claimed that Internet meme Pepe the Frog was associated with racism, and referenced gas chambers, David Duke, and Donald Trump, Jr. all in under a minute.