‘Anti-Racism’ Preschool to Open in Seattle

Two teachers are planning to open a preschool in Columbia City in Seattle, Washington, that will have a curriculum focused on the stories of people of color.

AP Photo/Jessie L. Bonner

No Child Left Behind Rewrites in House and Senate Draw Intense Criticism From Grassroots

The House’s version of the redo, known as the Student Success Act (H.R. 5), was pulled from the House floor by GOP leadership in late February after it was determined the measure lacked sufficient support. Grassroots parents’ groups – many that have been fighting against the Common Core standards in their states – voiced their concerns that the Student Success Act still required excessive federal intrusion into the right of states to set their own education policies.


Study Finds Children Learn as Much from ‘Sesame Street’ as Preschool

A study being called the “most authoritative” review of the impact of the PBS series Sesame Street on children is scheduled to be released this month. In part, the report finds that the decades-old show is just as effective as preschool for educating little ones.