Redskins name change

Madden 21 to Use Generic Washington Team Name

The Washington NFL team has dropped its 88-year-old moniker, but has not yet announced its replacement. Therefore, the designers for the Madden NFL game have had to take unusual steps in preparation for their 2021 version of the game.


Report: Redskins Name Change Coming ‘As Soon As Possible’

Rumors flew after the Redskins announced they were conducting a “thorough review” of their name, that the team could perhaps come up with a new name before the start of the 2020 season. Now, a new report suggests that the name change could come very soon indeed.


FedEx to Remove Signage from Redskins Stadium Unless Team Name Changed

FedEx is increasing pressure on their business partner, the Washington Redskins, to change their name. Despite having seven years remaining on their contract with the Redskins, the shipping company says they will remove their name from FedEx Field at the end of this season if the Redskins don’t change their name.

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