World View: How the First Thanksgiving Led to American independence

Contents: The First Thanksgiving — The Pilgrims meet the Wampanoag Indians; The fur trade with Britain and Europe; King Philip’s war; Aftermath of King Philip’s War; The Great Awakening of the 1730-40s; The Revolutionary War — 1772-1782; Aftermath of the Revolutionary War


Father’s Day in the Trenches

235 years ago this Father’s Day week, another generation of Americans fought for our nation’s future in a place called Ninety Six, South Carolina. This forgotten siege and desperate assault on a British-held fort, at a moment when the outcome of the Revolution was far from certain, captures the essence of who we are as Americans.

Assunpink Bridge

The Bridge that Saved America: The Epic, Yet Forgotten, 2nd Battle of Trenton

“Defend the bridge to the last extremity!” Washington shouted to his officers and men, as he stared at the massive British army coiling in front of the stone arched bridge that stood between his men and their destruction. “To the last man, Excellency,” one of Washington’s officers responded to his commander in chief, as a phalanx of Cornwallis’s army readied to charge the bridge.