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Indonesia Holds Largest One-Day Election in History

Indonesia’s presidential election on Wednesday – the largest single-day election in history, with almost 193 million eligible voters casting ballots for 245,000 candidates spread across 17,000 islands – appears to have returned incumbent President Joko Widodo to office. The race was strongly influenced by Indonesia’s slide into hardline Islamism.

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Islamists Recruiting Underage Migrants In Asylum Homes

The German Federal government has released new statistics that show radical Salafist Muslim preachers are targeting underage migrants and trying to recruit them. New statistics obtained from the Interior Ministry by German media shows that the government believes that the


New Asylum Home Just Yards Away From Radical Mosque

An asylum home in Germany was built just yards from a radical mosque and a conservative councilor is demanding answers. An asylum home in Regensburg is only yards away from a mosque linked to radical Islamic preachers. Councillor Bernadette Dechant of the conservative

HAMBURG, GERMANY - JULY 09: Radical Muslim cleric Pierre Vogel speaks during a gathering o