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#DayOfRage Rally

EPIC FAIL: Anonymous #DayOfRage August 8th

The “day of rage” threatened by the group Anonymous for August 8th was an EPIC FAIL. Moreover, Sandra Bland supporters who depended on them to be there, were left to fend all on their own.

Violent Confrontation at Waller County SO

Video — #BlackLivesMatter Protest Turns Violent in Texas

At the end of what was supposed to be a non-violent rally supporting the life of Sandra Bland, a violent confrontation broke out between some of the protesters and Waller County Sheriff’s Office deputies. A small group of people barged into the lobby of the sheriff’s office and began shouting and pounding on windows and doors, according to officials. The group had to be forcibly removed by deputies.

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Sandra Bland Protest: All White People Should Be Killed

WALLER COUNTY, Texas — Breitbart Texas was at the Waller County Sheriff’s Office county jail Saturday evening when a protester told reporters and others present, that all white people should be killed. She also called white people and reporters, “terrorists.” Her orders

Anonymous - Sandra Bland Protest

Anonymous to Protest Saturday in 35 US Cities — Threaten Cops, ‘No Mercy for Murderers’

A YouTube video message purportedly by the group Anonymous has issued a warning for U.S. police chiefs, Waller County police, and in particular, the Waller County Sheriff’s Department. In a threatening demand, the group told the Waller Sheriff’s Office, “We all know where you live. No mercy for murders.” The group plans protests in 35 cities throughout the U.S. on Saturday, August 8th.

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Sandra Bland’s Family Files Federal Lawsuit

The mother of Sandra Bland wasted no time in filing a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of herself and Bland’s estate. Bland committed suicide in a Waller County jail after being arrested by a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper for a traffic violation and assaulting a police officer.

Sandra Bland Memorial - AP Photo - Pat Sullivan

Texas County Jails: 140 Suicides in Five Years

One hundred forty people have committed suicide in Texas county jails over the past five years. This disturbing trend was revealed in the wake of the hanging suicide of Sandra Bland in the Waller County jail two weeks ago.

Hung Do Hanging

Another Texas Jail Inmate Commits Suicide by Hanging Self

A man incarcerated in the Houston Police Department jail apparently committed suicide by hanging himself. The in-jail suicide is the second in Texas in about as many weeks and comes on the heels of the suicide by hanging of Sandra Bland.