Sandra Bland Arresting Officer Called ‘Donald Trump of Traffic Cops’

Encinia - Bland - Taser
Photo: YouTube/Texas Department of Public Safety

In another sign of the anti-GOP rhetoric used by supporters of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, a reverend associated with the family of Sandra Bland called the officer who arrested her the “Donald Trump of traffic cops” in a CNN appearance.

The comment appears to be a suggestion that Trump is racist, even though there’s no evidence that either Trump or the officer who arrested Bland is racist. Sandra Bland became the latest person used by the Black Lives Matter movement to promote their narrative of an “emergency” of police action about black Americans.

In fact, Trump was critical of the officer and the arrest, telling CNN’s Anderson Cooper:

“I hope not. But I will fell you, I saw that clip, on your show, by the way. I thought it was terrible. I thought he was so aggressive. I — it was a traffic signal as I understand it. And who gets out of a car for a traffic signal? I haven’t been pulled over in a while actually. But, seriously, who — he just looked very aggressive. I didn’t like his demeanor. I thought it was terrible, to be honest with you. And I’m a huge fan of the police. I think the police have to be given back power. But this guy was overly aggressive, terrible aggressive.”

There was no challenge to Bryant’s slur against Trump.

In his CNN spot, Rev. Jamal Bryant echoes several false claims made by Black Lives Matter activists, who claimed that Bland was murdered despite no evidence of foul play. An autopsy and other evidence including a prior suicide attempt and depression all point to Bland’s suicide in custody. Despite the lack of evidence, Black Lives Matter activists used to incident to disrupt the Democrat event Netroots Nation with calls to “burn everything down” over deaths of black women in police custody.

Rev. Bryant claims that the officer who arrested Bland went “over the cliff” on Bland’s failure to signal when changing lanes. However, Breitbart Texas has pointed out that Bland blew through a  stop sign in clear view of the office and her autopsy revealed a massive amount of marijuana in her system.


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