Even monkeys need a spa day, Japan study finds

China Clones Genetically-Edited Schizophrenic Monkeys

China took center stage in the debate over the ethics of genetic engineering with the revelation that scientist He Jiankui edited the genes of human embryos to make them immune to HIV.


French Teenager Stabbed in Attempted Ramadan ‘Sacrifice’

A 19-year-old girl has been stabbed three times in Rennes, western France, in an attack carried out as an attempted “sacrifice” for Ramadan. Her injuries were not life-threatening. The knife attack came just a day after a jihadist killed a

Manal al-Saayed, mother of Hisham, a Bedouin Muslim Arab with Israeli citizenship without any apparent connection to the Israeli authorities who disappeared a year beforehand from his home in the Negev desert in Israel, shows a photo of her son at their family home in the southern Israeli town of …

Family Of Arab Israeli ‘Held By Hamas’ Seeks Answers

HURA (ISRAEL) (AFP) –  A year of uncertainty for Hisham Al-Sayed’s family finally came to an end this month when a grainy black and white photo appeared on a Hamas-affiliated television channel. Their 27-year-old son had disappeared a year earlier from