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Sex worker in Havana, Cuba, on 1st January 2016. The night is still their best ally. They are seen in nightclubs, streets and other places, although they almost always end their journey in private houses where foreign tourists who arrive on the Caribbean island are staying. The jineteras, as it …

In Cuba, Police Rely on Prostitution Bribes for a Living Wage

The Communist Party of Cuba has long promoted itself as a champion of Marxist puritanism, condemning social deviants to concentration camps and heavily censoring music and film. Naturally, the government denies the pervasiveness of sexual tourism on the island.


Activists Worry Rio Olympics Will Boost Underage Sex Trade

With the Olympic Games bringing thousands of tourists to Rio de Janeiro, activists fear a business boom for the city’s sprawling underage prostitution trade, affecting thousands of young girls sold to foreigners.

Bitcoin (Rick Bowmer / AP)

Bitcoin Pushing Credit Cards out of Thriving Sex Industry

With law enforcement going after online sex trafficking of minors with a vengeance, Bitcoin virtual currency is becoming the preferred coin of the realm for the sex industry. Police and the FBI have battled escort services for decades in an effort


Macau Sex Ring Bust Shows China Expanding Crackdown on Graft

The arrest of a prominent Macau executive in the largest prostitution bust in the city’s history shows China’s President Xi Jinping is broadening his crackdown on corruption to restrict even long-tolerated vices.