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Ninth Circuit Ruling Could Hasten Smart Gun Mandate

A case currently before the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit examines “whether states can force firearms manufacturers to incorporate safety devices in their products.”

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Obama’s ‘Smart Guns’ Already Failed in California

“Smart Guns” failed in California in March 2014 and in Maryland in May 2014, yet President Obama’s executive gun control contained an order directing the DOD, DOJ, and Homeland Security to explore ways to “further” the use of “smart guns.”


7 Things that Should Have Happened at Obama’s Gun Control Town Hall

The gun control town hall CNN hosted for President Obama was very one-sided. The vast majority of the questions directed at Obama were leading questions centered on gun control, while the few questions or comments that were pro-Second Amendment in nature went unanswered or were only partially answered.

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Democrat Proposes Smart Gun Mandate for Law-Abiding Citizens

California state senator Jerry Hill (D-Dist. 13) has introduced a bill to “mandate” smart guns as the only kind of guns law-abiding Californians can “sell, lend, or give” to another law-abiding Californian.


Gun Rights Groups Await Ruling on CA ‘Microstamping’ Requirement

The Second Amendment Foundation and Calguns Foundation are waiting for California Eastern District Judge Kimberly Mueller to issue a ruling in their request to prevent the state from banning the sale of new handguns which lack microstamping technology.