15-Year-Old Terrorist Guns Down Civilian Police Employee in Australia

On Friday evening, a 15-year-old jihadi gunned down a civilian police employee as he was walking out of a suburban Sydney police station. Australian Islamist groups have refused to condemn the killing, which the authorities described as politically motivated terrorism, while playing coy as to the killer’s exact motivations.


‘Imminent’ Terrorist Attack Thwarted in Sydney, Australia

The people of Sydney, Australia, dodged a bullet–or, more accurately, a machete and a hunting knife–on Tuesday, as the authorities moved against a pair of alleged Islamist terrorists on the very day they reportedly planned to carry out an assault on police officers, according to the UK Daily Mail.

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Leftist Jihadi Denialism Grows in Wake of New Terror Attacks

In reacting to Tuesday’s bloodcurdling terrorist murders of at least 132 school children by Taliban terrorists, once again President Obama could not bring himself to mention the Taliban perpetrators by name. Rather than waking up to the mounting existential threat

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