Sydney Mom Finds $9K for Islamic State in Son’s Laundry

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A mother in Sydney, Australia, discovered $9,000 for the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in her son’s clothes as she prepped the laundry.

The son, who is not named, worked with ISIS operatives in Australia. He will not face prosecution since he will testify against the men who handed him the money.

Oarjan Azari, 23, and Ali Al-Talebi, 26, already made “$6,000 avaliable to the Islamic State group in two separate money transfers last year.” The $9,000 was the third transfer.

“Laundering money,” stated Magistrate Peter Miszalski, when told how the money was discovered.

“Almost literally!” exclaimed prosecutor Peter Neil SC.

Neil said the men met the younger man at a Parramatta mosque. They then asked him “to take the cash to Western Union outlets across Sydney.” The fees to transfer $9,000 outraged the younger man, who opted to pocket the money.

The men are “charged with two counts of intentionally making funds available to a terrorist organisation” and “one charge of attempting to make funds available.” Authorities believe the men communicated with Mohammad Ali Baryalei.

“It comes down to the defendants, in a nutshell, gathering cash monies and using the prospective witness who was younger than them and, under the prosecution case, under their sway, to make these deposits in circumstances where intercepted calls reflect that the purpose of the transfer of those funds out of Australia was to end up supporting Islamic State activities in Syria and Iraq,” said Neil


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