Same-Sex Marriage

Australian Archbishop Urges Vote Against Same-Sex Marriage

Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher has urged Catholics to vote “no” in a same-sex marriage postal survey, telling parishioners that the government has no vested interest in regulating relationships other than heterosexual marriage.


Australia Welcomes 2017, Defying NYE Terror Threat

Global terror attacks have cast a pall over 2016 but Australia was Saturday defying the threats and ringing in the New Year with bumper crowds gathering to watch a firework extravaganza on Sydney’s glittering harbour. 2016 has seen repeated bloodshed,

Sydney Opera House

Teen Arrested Over Alleged Sydney Terror Plot

(AFP) – An 18-year-old man was arrested in Sydney on Tuesday over an alleged “imminent” terror plot, as police raided properties in Melbourne in a separate counter-terrorism operation, officials said. Australian Federal Police claimed the teenager was scouting possible sites


British ‘Invaded’ Australia Say University Guidelines

Language guidelines that advise students to describe British explorer James Cook’s arrival in Sydney as an “invasion” rather than a “settlement” were defended by an Australian university Wednesday, denying it was rewriting history to be politically correct. The University of

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House Cordoned Off In Security Scare

Sydney’s iconic Opera House was cordoned off on Thursday in a security scare sparked by “information on social media” with people cleared from the harbour front precinct before police declared it safe. Metal barriers were erected with onlookers kept about


Raids In Sydney After Police Station ‘Shooting Threat’

Police have carried out dawn raids on two properties in Sydney, Australia this morning following suspected threats against police stations. One of the houses stormed belongs to the family of Talal Alameddine, who was arrested in October over the killing


15-Year-Old Terrorist Guns Down Civilian Police Employee in Australia

On Friday evening, a 15-year-old jihadi gunned down a civilian police employee as he was walking out of a suburban Sydney police station. Australian Islamist groups have refused to condemn the killing, which the authorities described as politically motivated terrorism, while playing coy as to the killer’s exact motivations.


Australia PM Launches Boycott Against Aussie Broadcasting Corp. ‘Q&A’

Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of Australia and leader of its center-right Liberal Party, has reportedly told his ministers to boycott the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), after the network brought a former terrorism suspect on its “Q&A” show in late June.

AFP yarmulke kippah Jewish skullcap

Sydney Theater Apologizes for Rejecting Jewish Play Series to Oppose ‘Colonialism’

The Red Rattler Theater in Sydney, Australia has apologized for refusing a Jewish group’s request to perform at its location. The theater originally denied the group because of its policy that “does not support colonialism/Zionism.” Red Rattler is now reconsidering opening its space to the Jewish group, which planned a series of performances on the Holocaust.

Video Shot

Aussie Jihadis Showcased in New ISIS Beheading Video

Two men who appear to resemble Australian nationals Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar are featured in a new Islamic State (ISIS) video that shows the beheading of a man the terror group claims is a spy.

AFP/Getty Images

‘Imminent’ Terrorist Attack Thwarted in Sydney, Australia

The people of Sydney, Australia, dodged a bullet–or, more accurately, a machete and a hunting knife–on Tuesday, as the authorities moved against a pair of alleged Islamist terrorists on the very day they reportedly planned to carry out an assault on police officers, according to the UK Daily Mail.

William West / AFP

Leftist Jihadi Denialism Grows in Wake of New Terror Attacks

In reacting to Tuesday’s bloodcurdling terrorist murders of at least 132 school children by Taliban terrorists, once again President Obama could not bring himself to mention the Taliban perpetrators by name. Rather than waking up to the mounting existential threat