Ariana Grande ‘Fixes’ Botched Tattoo to ‘Japanese Barbecue Finger’

Pop star Ariana Grande, who deleted an Instagram post showcasing her latest Japanese tattoo after it was revealed to mean “small charcoal barbecue” instead of “7 Rings,” claims to have “fixed” the mistake. Now the tattoo reportedly reads “Japanese barbecue finger.”

Ariana Grande and her Japanese tattoo, which she further botched to read "Japanese BBQ Finger"

Pope Francis Gives His Blessing for Tattoos

There is nothing wrong with tattoos, Pope Francis told a group of young people Monday, urging them to be open to cultural expressions of “belonging.”

Pope greets woman with tattoos

Tattoo Removals Spike amid Deportation Fears

Tattoo removals have skyrocketed in San Francisco, as illegal aliens fear body markings may tie them to foreign criminal gangs and make them a target for immigration officials.

Getty Images