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Maher: ‘We Should Have Seen’ SVB Collapse Coming

During the “Overtime” segment of Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time” aired on CNN, host Bill Maher stated that we should have seen the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) due to the large amount of tech sector layoffs. In

Bill Maher on 9/21/18 "Real Time"

NYC Hedge Funds Risk ‘Down Rounds’ in Silicon Valley Deals

Following Benchmark Capital partner Bill Gurley’s warning last week at the South-by-Southwest conference (SXSW) that “we are in a risk bubble”, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times all sounded the claxon horn Monday morning that New York hedge funds and mutual funds are flooding into late-stage venture capital-back tech companies in the futile hope of making a killing when the firms go public.

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