Silicon Valley Heads to Tel Aviv for Ideas

Techies are in Israel ahead of a Wednesday event to participate in the TechCrunch Meetup and Pitch Off in Tel Aviv, where some of the best technological minds from Silicon Valley will merge their brainpower with one of the world’s leading nations in innovation and tech.

Google gay pride (Niv Singer / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Sean Parker Tries Philanthropy to Clean Up His Rep

The irrepressible Sean Parker took to the Wall Street Journal editorial pages to announce that after building a $2.8 billion fortune, mostly from stealing music and selling peoples’ deepest secrets to marketers, he wants to reinvent his public reputation from that of a greedy loud-mouthed hacker to an old money philanthropist.

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The Hypocrisy of Net Neutrality: Who Needs Transparency?

TechCrunch’s Kat Zakrzewski has an odd argument against Republican bills to curb the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) recent decision to impose Net Neutrality: we don’t really need transparency, after all. Zakrzewski’s stance shows how far Silicon Valley’s “progressive” activists have come after years of pushing for the maximum transparency possible in public affairs. When the feds are doing what they want, the public is better off in the dark.

AP Photo/Matt Rourke