Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Texas to Feds: Reimburse Us for $2.8B in Border Security Expenses

Texas House leadership wasted no time in calling on the federal government to reimburse the State for the costs–to the tune of $2.8 billion–incurred as a result of the Obama Administration’s failure or refusal to secure the Texas-Mexico Border.

DPS Gunboats on RG River

Texas Prison’s Water Violates ‘Standards of Decency,’ Says Federal Judge

A group of prisoners alleging they have to drink arsenic-laden water to stay cool inside their hot Texas lockup won a legal victory Tuesday in an ongoing lawsuit after a federal judge ordered the Texas prison system to provide safe drinking water that doesn’t violate “contemporary standards of decency.”


Prison Bus Crash Kills 10 in West Texas

Authorities continue to look into a bus crash that killed 8 prisoners and two corrections officers and injured several others in West Texas.

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