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Toure on Racial Score-Keeping

The left has never had much use for the facts in the Martin case. These days it seems all the same left-wing media types who were outraged by the Trayvon Martin story are now outraged that the right would raise

Tale of the Tape: Touré vs Ben Carson

  Toure’  Ben Carson   Full name  Toure’ Neblett  Benjamin S. Carson, MD   Age 42  61   Birthplace Boston, MA   Detroit, MI  Profession saying stuff on fringe cable network   Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery,Johns Hopkins Hospital; Professor of Neurosurgery, Oncology, and Pediatrics,Johns Hopkins University

Cults and Factions, American Style

In response to Jerome: It’s all so anti-Enlightenment in other ways. It flies not just the blackletter of equality and amity of all men, but against the understructure of the Enlightenment, which was reason and independence from tribe. Toure’s cant

Dr. Ben Carson is the GOP's New Uncle Tom?

In response to SHOCKED! MSNBC’s Toure – Dr. Ben Carson is the GOP’s “black friend” (Video): Yup, expect  MSNBC, other liberal media outlets and their host to reach back and pull out ol’ Uncle Tom racial slur to describe Dr.

Dave Weigel Wins! First Journo to Hit CPAC on Race

Well, shoot… When I pulled Toure’s name in the office pool to see who would be the first lefty to race-bait CPAC, it seemed like a sure winner. In Toure’s defense, though, his MSNBC show doesn’t air until the afternoon,

Dave Weigel Wins! First Journo to Hit CPAC on Race

Toure: No Respect For Innocent Human Life

In response to Toure: Abortion Saved My Life but Defending Yourself Against Crime is Just Silly: The common denominator in both of Toure’s  “divergent opinions”  – his embrace of abortion on demand, and his opposition to guns for self defense,

Children: blessing or curse?

In response to Toure’s Abortion ‘Blessing’ Still Has Me Rattled: John, besides the icy inhumanity and mind-boggling selfishness of Toure’s abortion hosanna… well, no, wait a second, let’s pause on the selfishness for a moment.  Aren’t liberals always telling us

Remember, conservatives are the “selfish” ones

There’s a lot to dislike about MSNBC commentator Toure’s horribly callous celebration of abortion, which once saved him from the life-destroying burden of raising a child.  But the pure narcissism of his outlook is the most striking thing about it.

Even Touré Is Embarrassed By Barbara Walters' Clinton Interview

On Thursday’s addition of MSNBC’s “The Cycle,” polarizing political pundit Touré agreed with Breitbart News‘ take on Barbara Walters’ shallow, sexist, and embarrassing interview of potential presidential candidates Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton:   That moment about the hair, and

Even Touré Is Embarrassed By Barbara Walters' Clinton Interview

Touré: Obama Could Hire Romney as Secretary of Business

MSNBC’s Touré suggests Obama can find room in his administration to hire Mitt Romney, such as a “Secretary of Business” position. The TV host’s sudden graciousness stands in stark contrast to rather harsh accusations he made during the presidential campaign.

Touré: Obama Could Hire Romney as Secretary of Business

Touré on Racial Code Words

Touré claims in his recent article at Time that his job is to say things “black people need said.” It’s an odd way to start an article about racial politics.  If I ever read the line “things white people need

Touré on Racial Code Words