U.S. Department of State

U.S. State Dept. Sinking Trump’s ‘Safe Country’ Asylum Program, Says Guatemalan Official

A high-ranking Guatemalan government official told Breitbart News that the U.S. Department of State in that country is working with leftist organizations to allow President Donald Trump’s proposed “safe country” asylum agreement to die. President Trump is seeking agreements with Mexico and Central American countries to help slow the surge of migrants attempting to exploit loopholes in the U.S. asylum system.

A raftsman hauls a load of used car parts across the Suchiate River toward Tecun Uman, Gua

Canada, UK Warn Tourists About Bombs in Mexican Beach Resorts Areas, Border Violence

Canada and the United Kingdom are following in the footsteps of the U.S. and Germany in issuing travel warnings about the lack of security conditions in some of Mexico’s famed beach resorts. The warnings highlight the Cozumel area following various cases dealing with explosive devices. The travel warning comes at a time when Mexican beach resorts are expecting to see a spike in visitors for Spring Break and the Holy Week seasons.


Canada y Reino Unido Alertan por Bombas en Destino Turístico Mexicano y Violencia en la Frontera

Canada y Reino Unido están siguiendo los pasos de Estados Unidos y Alemania al emitir alertas de viaje sobre la falta de seguridad en los destinos turísticos de Mexico, en particular la zona de Cozumel, donde se ha presentado el riesgo de artefactos explosivos. La alerta sale cuando el destino fronterizo se prepara para recibir un incremento de turistas por la temporada vacacional de Semana Santa y Spring Break.


A Brief Timeline of Iran-Sponsored Terrorism Since 1979

WASHINGTON, D.C. – From its warmongering in Iraq, Syria, and to a degree in Yemen, to its meddling in Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian territories and Turkey, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its terrorist proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, have caused chaos in the Middle East region since it came to power in 1979.

Iran rebels pose with a U.S. flag they bayoneted upside down on trees at Sultanabad Garris