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U. of Iowa Police Arrest Man for Disrupting Turning Point USA Presentation, Destroying a Projector

The University of Iowa police department arrested a man for disorderly conduct and disturbing a lawful assembly after he allegedly disrupted a Turning Point USA presentation featuring Newsmax’s The Benny Report host Benny Johnson, destroying a projector in the process. Johnson described the attack on social media as “a low-T leftist strung-out on pure soy snapped into a violent rage.”

University of Iowa Turning Point USA attack

Attorney for Group of Ex-Players Fires Back at Iowa Hawkeyes

The attorney representing eight Black former Iowa football players who allege racial discrimination during their time with the Hawkeyes said Monday night that the university’s rejection of their demands, which included a payment of $20 million, is not the end of the matter.

Kirk Ferentz

U. of Iowa Will Pay $1 Million to Repair BLM Protest Damage, Preserve Graffiti for ‘Educational Programming’

The University of Iowa announced this week that it will be forced to spend $1 million to repair the damage that occurred during a recent Black Lives Matter protest. A group called the Iowa Freedom Riders spraypainted phrases like “BLM” and “Say their names” on university buildings. Now, the university claims it has preserved some of the graffiti for “educational programming.”

University of Iowa BLM damage

Judge: University of Iowa Violated Christian Student’s Rights – Again

A federal judge ruled on Friday that the University of Iowa has violated a Christian group’s First Amendment rights, the judge’s second ruling on the school’s treatment of Christians this year. This time, individual administrators may be held accountable for the infringement, because according to the judge, they should have known better after her first ruling.

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