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Cuba: Dissident Dies Mysteriously After 8 Months in Jail on ‘Disrespect’ Charge

Hamell Santiago Maz Hernández, a Cuban dissident awaiting trial in the nation’s most notorious maximum security prison on a charge of “disrespect” for the Revolution, died of mysterious circumstances in late February. Now, fellow dissidents at the prison fear eating government-issued food, worried that the government poisoned their colleague.

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Five Cuban Dissidents to Watch in the Post-Fidel Era

Fidel Castro, the dictator who used firing squads, labor camps, beatings, torture, and hunger to oppress his people for more than half a century, died Friday night at the age of 90. His demise – though his brother, Raúl, remains in power – has led many to ask what the future holds for Cuba’s anti-communist dissident community.


Dissidents Suspicious of Cuba’s Offers to Send Them Abroad Before Obama Visit

Cuba’s communist dictatorship has extended seven dissidents a one-time offer of a round trip abroad, as an apparent concession in light of President Barack Obama’s upcoming trip to the island. The dissidents, many in their seventies, say they doubt the good intentions of the government, accusing the Castro regime of trying to divide the dissident community by offering arbitrary benefits.


Dissident Group: 250+ Cubans Arrested During Pope Francis Visit

As the Cuban government begins to free dissidents, imprisoned to keep them from potentially disrupting Pope Francis’s visit with their presence, dissident organizations are releasing statistics on just how many people were arrested.