Volkswagen Refused to Help IL Police Locate Kidnapped Boy Because Car GPS Subscription Was Expired

Volkswagen refused to use its GPS tracking feature to assist Illinois police in tracking a stolen car with a kidnapped 2-year-old boy inside. The company wouldn’t track the stolen vehicle because the owner’s GPS subscription had expired, leading a representative to tell the police the subscription would have to be reactivated for the automaker to help. Luckily, the boy was found unharmed dumped in a parking lot.

Volkswagen production line

Ford and VW Teaming Up on Electric Vehicles

Auto manufacturers Ford and the Volkswagen Group have announced plans to strengthen their global alliance and release an electric vehicle by 2023. Much to Elon Musk and Tesla’s dismay, VW CEO Herbert Diess explained their goal is to “turn the electric car from a niche product into a mass phenomenon.”

Ford and VW team up on Electric Vehicles