Volkswagen has found itself in a firestorm and seen sales plummet since admitting last year that it had deliberately configured as many as 11 million diesel-powered cars sold worldwide

Volkswagen Executive Arrested over Emissions Scheme

DETROIT (AP) — The Volkswagen executive who once was in charge of complying with U.S. emissions regulations was arrested during the weekend in Florida and accused of deceiving federal regulators about the use of special software that cheated on emissions tests.

Volkswagen admitted in September 2015 that it had installed emissions test-cheating devices on nearly 600,000 diesel-powered vehicles in the US and as many as 11 million worldwide

Judge Approves Nearly $15 Billion Volkswagen Emissions Settlement

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal judge approved the largest auto-scandal settlement in U.S. history Tuesday, giving nearly a half-million Volkswagen owners and leaseholders the choice between selling their cars back or having them repaired so they don’t cheat on emissions tests and spew excess pollution.

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Obama Wants $4 Billion to Subsidize Silicon Valley Driverless Cars

In the Obama Administration’s latest welfare for Silicon Valley billionaires, the President intends to ask Congress for $4 billion in federal subsidies and nationalization of transportation safety regulations in an effort to speed the deployment of driverless cars.

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For You, Volkswagen, Ze PR Battle Iz Not Yet Over

In the popular US advertisements for Volkswagen’s much ballyhooed “clean diesel” vehicles, comedy trio The Golden Sisters extol the virtues of VW’s automobiles. After learning about Volkswagen’s diesel deceit, I’m left imagining a more realistic commercial in which the sisters


CEO Resigns as VW Scandal Could Cost up to $30B

CEO Martin Winterkorn just stepped down as CEO of VW Group after the company admitted that for the last 6 years they had installed sensor “defeat device” software to reduce emissions readings by up to 98 percent in 500,000 diesel-powered cars sold in the United States.

Mexico Coca Cola

Multinational Corporations in Mexico Shutting Down Due to Drug War Violence

There aren’t many smiles to go with a Coke in state of Guerrero, Mexico, these days. FEMSA, the largest franchise Coca-Cola bottling company the world, shut down its distribution centers in Iguala—site of the kidnapping and likely massacre of 43 students nine months ago—and Arcelia while maintaining facilities in other parts of the state.

Texas Border Man Arrested With $250 K in Cartel Cash

Texas Border Man Arrested With $250 K in Cartel Cash

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — A Texas border man came close to having his thanksgiving dinner in a jail cell after federal agents caught him allegedly trying to smuggle more than $250,000 in cash into Mexico. Agents with U.S. Customs and Border

Vivid memories of 'pure joy' on Berlin Wall anniversary

Germans flocked to their reunified capital Sunday to toast the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s fall and swap memories of a night of “pure joy.” Huddled in wintry weather for a giant street party at the Brandenburg Gate, visitors