Stuck With Glue But Nowhere To Poo: Climate Extremists Get in Sticky Situation

Twitter / @GGrimalda

Climate extremists who glued themselves to the floor of a Volkswagen exhibition in Germany complained that no one gave them the means to use the toilet after there were left stuck to the floor for hours.

The group of nine climate extremists from the group ‘Scientist Rebellion’ glued themselves to the floor of the Volkswagen museum and car showroom Autostadt in Wolfsburg, which lies across from the automotive giant’s main factory after breaking in.

Just two hours after the extremists glued themselves to the floor in the Porsche pavilion, they began complaining about food and drink, which was given to them by Volkswagen employees.

However, they later demanded a “privacy tent” and buckets in order to be able to go to the toilet, something the company did not provide, the German tabloid Bild reports.

Armin Maus, CEO of Autostadt, spoke to the newspaper saying, “Firstly, for hygienic reasons and secondly, because the Autostadt does not have anything like this in stock.” The extremists later decided to unglue themselves and use the toilets meant for visitors to the museum.

The protest began in the afternoon but as the day wore on the extremists were forced to protest in the dark and the cold after the lights and heat were turned off for the evening to save energy. The extremists again complained.

One of the extremists, Gianluca Grimalda, a psychologist, later complained of pain in his hand that was glued to the floor. He had re-glued his hand after visiting the toilet several times which, according to medical professionals, may have caused permanent damage to his hand.

Grimalda was later taken to a local hospital after being persuaded to do so and the rest of the demonstrators were cleared out by German riot police at around 7:50 am on Friday morning.

“In recent days, we have asked the activists several times to leave the Autostadt voluntarily. Unfortunately, they were not prepared to do so. In order to avoid a health hazard after the announcement of a hunger strike and initial health impairments, the police cleared the brand pavilion today after intensive coordination,” CEO Maus said.

The group’s demands included a speed limit of around 60 miles per hour in Germany, a worldwide construction halt to cars across the globe and more. The group claim to be compromised of scientists “willing to tell the truth about the climate crisis, and act on it.”

The protest is just the latest in a series of superglue protests by climate extremists over the last year across various western European countries, such as Sweden where extremists glued themselves to an airport runway in November of last year, while others in October of last year glued themselves to a road in Central London bringing traffic in the British capital to a standstill.

Last month, members of the “eco-warrior” group Extinction Rebellion even managed to break into the British House of Commons and superglued themselves to the chair of the Speaker, demanding action on the alleged climate crisis.


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