EchoFox ‘Counter-Strike’ Team Reportedly Looking to Make Big Change


One of the new big players in the eSports scene, Team EchoFox who are owned by former LA Lakers player and gaming advocate Rick Fox, will be looking to make drastic changes to their Counter-Strike team.

The squad, that according to reports in ESPN will be competing in the upcoming Turner-run ELeague, have been underwhelming of late, and with high profile competitions round the corner Fox has decided to make some changes.

Sources close to the team have informed Breitbart that the new-look roster will be built around the in-game leader, Sean Gares, and veteran AWPer Mohamed “mOE” Assad. The other three players,  Ronnie “ryx” Bylicki, Trey “tck” Martin, and Armeen “a2z” Toussi, are all potentially on the chopping block as the organisation reportedly seeks replacements.

“The players were told that they would possibly be replaced before the ECS qualifiers,” one source said. “The organisation was happy to try this line-up to begin with but isn’t satisfied with the direction it is heading in.”

Who will be joining the EchoFox roster is currently up in the air. After Valve’s CS:GO major in Columbus, a series of roster swaps was always likely, but this means that the market value of players under contract will skyrocket. So far two names have been strongly linked with a move to EchoFox, one of which is current Cloud9 player Ryan “Freakazoid” Abadir.

Abadir’s career at Cloud9 seems to have plateaued of late with a series of underwhelming performances that contributed to his team’s poor showing in Columbus. Combine this with the negative headlines of his alleged “bullying” of another professional, actions that saw him have to attend a seminar, and you can understand why both parties might be craving a fresh start. Abadir would certainly fit into EchoFox, having been recruited by Sean Gares back when he was captain of Cloud9 and having played in Counter-Strike: Source line-ups before with Assad, including Frost Gaming.

Sources close to the compLexity organisation have also indicated that EchoFox have sounded out potentially buying their star player, Daniel “roca” Gustaferri.

“Roca wants out of compLexity and wants to join a much better team,” they told us, “and compLexity aren’t happy with his attitude either. He won’t be on the roster for much longer.”

While Gustaferri has a lot of fans for his audacious plays in match-making, his big team experience is limited, and anyone acquiring the player would be taking a risk. While this potentially rules him out of some of the established names in North American Counter-Strike, EchoFox could be a good fit, provided they manage to secure some of their other targets. Although nothing is set in stone at this point, as team’s scramble to get ready for ELeague and the newly announced ECS, both with millions of dollars on the line, you can expect a crazy few weeks in terms of roster movement.


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