‘McDonald’s Hong Kong’ Parody Account Suspended

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Twitter has suspended @McDonalds_HK, after it impersonated an official company promotional account — for more than nine months.

After almost a full year of mundane promotional tweets regarding the McDonald’s Hong Kong menu and specials, @McDonalds_HK finally pulled the trigger on one of the slowest-burn internet pranks ever.

First, the tweets started to get a little bit weird:


Over a very short period of time,  they grew increasingly morose:

As the imagined McDonald’s representative grew more and more despondent, Twitter stepped in. Despite @McDonalds_HK changing their name to @NotMcDonalds_HK, they were suspended for their impersonation of the McDonald’s corporation soon after. During just this past weekend, they had managed to gained 24,000 followers to their viral practical joke.

Some people, no doubt followers of the parody account, would argue that the Twitter account could have done more damage to McDonald’s brand than the company has already done to the world’s collective digestive tracts.

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