#ZuckSchumer: Street Artist ‘Sabo’ Plasters New York with Anti-Facebook, Chuck Schumer Posters

#ZuckSchumer art by Sabo

Conservative street artist Sabo has plastered New York with posters targeting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

One poster featured the caption, “You can’t watch your kids 24/7… But we can,” along with the hashtag #ZuckSchumer and a picture of Zuckerberg, Schumer, and disgraced Democratic congressman and registered sex offender Anthony Weiner.

Another poster mixed Zuckerberg and Schumer’s faces together, while other signs included, “Conflict of interest? The daughter of Chuck is working for Zuck,” and, “Caution… Facebook sells your data,” disguised as traffic signs.

Schumer’s daughter, Alison, works as a product marketing manager at Facebook.

According to the Daily Mail, “Sabo put up posters by sites including the Rockefeller Centre and Prospect Park in Brooklyn before finishing his stunt at Facebook’s headquarters in Greenwich Village.”

Sabo has previously targeted Zuckerberg with posters in California that read, “Fuck Zuck 2020,” following rumors Zuckerberg was gearing up for a presidential campaign after he hired a top Hillary Clinton presidential campaign strategist.

Sabo was suspended from Facebook following the campaign for “hate speech.”

The street artist has also previously targeted Hillary Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, the Oscars, the Golden Globes, anti-Trump celebrities, and Kim Jong-Un.

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