Watch: Lock Haven University Students Say They Support Migrant Caravan


A new video by Campus Reform features a group of students at Lock Haven University announcing their support for the migrant caravan.

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillip asked students at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania about the migrant caravan that is trying to get across the southern border.

“We should let them in, give them a fair chance at a better life,” one student told Phillips.

Phillips asked a female student about how the government would know who exactly was coming into the country.

“We stole this land anyway and now we are going to tell them that they can’t come in here,” she added. “It’s dumb to point at someone and tell them we don’t all have the exact same rights even though we are all the exact same person.”

“Is there anyone we should not let across the border?” Phillips asked her. “Nazis,” she replied. “How do you know who is who though if people are just coming across the border?

“I don’t know, I guess we take that chance,” she said after pausing to think about the question for a second.

“Diversity creates strength,” another student told Phillips when asked about the migrant caravan.

Lock Haven University is a state school located in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. According to the school’s website, tuition for students from Pennsylvania is $21,000 per year, while out of state students pay $31,000.


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