Watch: Protesters Sound Sirens to Disrupt Pro-Life Speakers at Ohio Statehouse

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Pro-life organization Students for Life of America held a rally on Tuesday near the Ohio Statehouse to voice their concerns over Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and other Democrat politicians who have recently supported infanticide by voting against legislation that would provide medical care for newborn babies born alive after surviving an abortion.

The pro-life organization’s Ohio-based chapters held rallies on Tuesday to call attention to Democrat politicians having recently supporting infanticide by voting against legislation that would provide aid to newborn babies born alive after surviving abortions, according to the organization’s website.

A local feminist group reacted to the #ResistInfanticide rallies by gathering in front of Sen. Brown’s office to shout profanities, as well as sound the sirens on their megaphones, which disrupted pro-life speakers as they delivered their remarks.

Watch Below:

“Shut the fuck up, pro-life crazies, nobody is killing babies,” the protesters can be heard repeatedly shouting in the video uploaded to the organization’s YouTube account.

“Nobody’s killing babies, except maybe people that support kids in cages,” one of the protesters can be heard saying into a megaphone.

The protesters then began sounding the sirens on their megaphones to further disrupt the pro-life speakers. The blaring noises had also caused nearby drivers to become concerned and pull over to the side of the road, according to the organization.

“A group of about thirty-five people gathered outside of Senator Sherrod Brown’s office,” said Students for Life Regional Coordinator Klara McKee, adding that a group called “Feminist Flag Corps” had arrived during her speech and became disruptive.

“The group came with five to ten protesters who started chanting at us with profanity as well as starting to use a siren,” said McKee, “They also were chanting things like, ‘Who’s the killer, you’re the killer, you’re the one who killed Dr. Tiller.'”

“We found that one of their favorite lines was, ‘Nobody is killing babies, shut the fuck up pro-life crazies,'” added McKee, noting that the protesters had also used profanity in front of children that were present.

“By the time Mark Harrington from Created Equal was giving his speech the protesters got very close into his space and were screaming at him with a bullhorn,” said the organization’s Regional Coordinator.

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins condemned the disruption saying, “It is no surprise that people who believe infanticide is okay and who support cruel abortion procedures like heart attack abortions would think it’s okay to curse around children or disrupt speeches.”

Hawkins’ usage of the term “heart attack abortion” refers to a late-term abortion procedure in which the fetal heart receives a lethal injection in utero to ensure the baby is not pulled out of the mother’s womb alive.

“What does this say?” a protester can be heard uttering in a video posted Tuesday to Feminist Flag Corp’s Facebook page, at which point, a fellow protester held up her sign, that read, “You are a giant dumbass, nobody supports infanticide.”

“Yeah, in response to their shitty signs that were, like, ‘I am a human being and I resist infanticide,'” said the protester, laughing at the pro-life group members who were standing nearby.

“It’s so fucking cold out, and windy, but we’re gonna stay out here to help fund abortion,” added the protester, who then began singing the words “fund abortion” to the tune of George Frideric Handel’s Hallelujah.

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