Whatcom Community College Student Destroys Pro-Life Display, ‘Because I Disagree’

whatcom community college student pulling pro-life crosses out of the ground
Students for Life/YouTube

A pro-abortion student at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington, recently tore down a pro-life cross display put up by the school’s Students for Life of America group. When asked why he was censoring the pro-life students, he replied, “because I disagree with the message.”

Students for Life of America released a video on Wednesday showing a pro-abortion student at Whatcom Community College removing pink crosses representing unborn children killed by Planned Parenthood. The display was put up as part of the organization’s “Planned Parenthood Truth tour.”

The incident, which took place on the campus last month, was captured on camera and shows the pro-abortion student tearing down the display while mocking the pro-life students who are attempting to engage in a dialog with him.

Watch below:

The conversation between pro-life activists and the student reads:

“Why are you doing this?” a pro-life activist can be heard asking off camera.

“Because I disagree with the message,” affirms the vandal.

“Well, why don’t we talk about it?”

“I do not think it is worth it to talk to you guys.”

“So it’s better to violently act out rather than to talk about something?”

“Yeah, because pro-life arguments have about as much merit as, like, flat Earth arguments,” said the pro-abortion student as he continued pulling crosses out of the ground.

“Aren’t you for free speech, though?” asks another pro-life activist, to which the vandal responds by shaking his head.

“You need to put those back,” said the pro-life student, “You need to stop.”

“I mean, foreseeably, at some point, I will run out of space to carry these, and then I’ll probably have to stop,” he mockingly replied, adding that he would likely throw the crosses away.

The video concludes with the pro-abortion student attempting to walk away with a stack of crosses in his arms while the pro-life students follow him, asking that he return them their property. Then, a school staff member can be heard informing the student that the pro-life activists have a right to free speech and that he needs to return the crosses. The vandal eventually obliges.

Students for Life of America Washington Regional Coordinator, Katie Lodjic, reacted to the incident in a statement.

“Even though this type of bullying is getting pretty common, it still takes me off guard that some people have the audacity to steal our stuff right in front of us,” said Lodjic, “For all their talk of ‘open-mindedness’ — they really need to practice what they preach.”

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