Professors Outraged by President Trump’s Fourth of July Parade

US President Donald Trump speaks at the 2018 Project Safe Neighborhoods National Conferenc

College professors have taken to social media to express their outrage over President Donald Trump’s fourth of July parade, which will incorporate military tanks, fireworks, and flyovers. The professors, who are tasked with educating young Americans, compared the United States president to a dictator over the highly anticipated “Salute to America” Independence Day parade. “Celebrating militarism by parading tanks through DC” is “horrible,” said one professor.

“Which world dictator does this describe?” tweeted professor Robert Reich of UC Berkeley. “He orders a military parade to glorify himself.”

“Just left the Nats game, and we were greeted by Trump’s tanks rolling through just outside the ballpark,” said one user in a tweet, which included a short video clip of the apparent tanks, to which Trinity University professor Simran Jeet Singh responded by tweeting, “Trump’s America sure looks like a military dictatorship.”

Check out a sampling of more tweets from outraged professors below:

“Maybe have the Marines goose step, while you’re at it,” added Duke University associate professor Kieran Healy in another tweet.

“Celebrating militarism by parading tanks through DC is a horrible idea,” said Columbia University adjunct professor Anthony Zenkus.

“Probably not the biggest gathering of white nationalists in American history but maybe a solid second place?” tweeted University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor Ari Kohen.

“[President Trump] wants to be seen as a ‘strong man’ even though he’s a pathetic coward; a great statesman, even though he’s an incompetent buffoon, an excellent human being–even though he’s a cruel, morally bankrupt, monster,” said Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania professor Wendy Lynne Lee.

“Rubicon crossed, in an ego-serving, money-wasting, symbolic sorta way,” tweeted Wabash College assistant professor Derek Mong in response to a Slate article bizarrely headlined, “Will Donald Trump’s Fourth of July Parade Break the Law?”

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