Report: Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Free College’ Plan Unsustainable if Husband Keeps $400k Harvard Salary

Elizabeth Warren and Bruce Mann
Scott Eisen/Getty

As presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren travels the country promoting her “free college” plan, her husband earns $400,000 annually as a professor at Harvard University. According to one expert, “high and rising” salaries for administrators and professors is a leading cause of ballooning college tuition.

According to a report by The College Fix, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s “free college” plan may not be sustainable if professors earn as much as her husband. Warren’s husband is Bruce Mann, a professor at Harvard Law School. Tax documents released this year revealed that Mann makes $400,000 annually in his role at the law school.

University of Michigan, Flint, Professor Mark J. Perry told The College Fix that Mann’s salary is part of the reason that the cost of college has skyrocketed. “One of the reasons college tuition has risen over time more than any other consumer good or service, fueling the rise in student loan debt to $1.6 trillion (twice the level in 2010), is because of the high and rising salaries for college administrators and highly paid professors like Sen. Warren and her husband,” Perry said in a short comment.

Perry argues that colleges can reduce costs by reducing bureaucratic bloat. Breitbart News reported in June on a study that revealed that colleges added approximately half a million administrator positions between 1987 and 2002.

An Associated Press report from earlier this year revealed that the couple earns almost a million dollars combined. Warren earned $176,280, the salary for a U.S. Senator in additions to more than $300,000 in book sales.

Warren and her husband Bruce Mann reported total income of $905,742 in 2018, down from the $972,654 she reported in 2017. After deductions, Warren and Mann had an adjusted gross income of $846,394.

The income includes Mann’s $402,897 salary from Harvard University, Warren’s $176,280 salary from the Senate and $323,902 in proceeds from Warren’s books.

Breitbart News will continue to report on the high salaries of college professors and administrators.


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