Student Covers U. of Wisconsin College GOP Office with Accusations of Bigotry

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A student from the University of Wisconsin was caught covering the campus College Republicans office with signs that read “Donald Trump is…,” “racist,” “sexist,” and “bigot.”

According to a report by the College Fix, a group of conservative students in Wisconsin returned to their campus office this week to find a student hanging up signs that accused them, and President Trump, of bigotry.

The College Republicans chapter at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, posted a video to their Twitter account this week documenting vandalism committed by one of their peers.

“TODAY: intolerant student in complete hysteria targets UW-Madison College Republican student office,” the tweet read. “Another example of total intolerance from the left in an environment that is supposed to welcome a marketplace of ideas.”

The video shows a single student calmly applying the signs to the College Republicans’ student office. After she is confronted by another student, she continues taping up the signs.

A few of the signs, which were seemingly printed on standard printer paper, read “Donald Trump is…” The rest of the signs complete that sentence. The other signs include words such as “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobic,” and “bigot.”

A reporter for the University of Wisconsin, Madison, student newspaper identified the student as senior Jasmine Kiah. That report claims that Kiah played the song “F*ck Donald Trump” by YG and Nipsey Hussle as she procedural taped the signs to the office’s windows.

“Every day I come past and I see this office, it makes me very upset, while we have…children at the border who are taken away from their parents, their parents are taken away from them and who is it because? It is because of Donald Trump,” Kiah told the student reporter.

Kiah claimed that she was motivated to vandalize the offices by her own experiences with racism and bigotry on campus.

“I’ve been here for four years and all four years I’ve experienced racism, I’ve seen homophobia, transphobia, I’ve seen people not treated fairly, class institutional racism all of that stuff,” Kiah added. “Everything that you could imagine, I’ve seen.”

Meredith McGlone, University of Wisconsin Director of News and Media Relations, told the student reporter in a statement that the university does not approve the posting of unapproved signs. However, they defend the rights of students to engage in civil discourse.

“UW-Madison supports the free speech rights of its students along with civil discourse around political issues,” McGlone said. “The university’s policies prohibit the posting of unapproved signs, posters and other material in public spaces.”

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