PragerU Trolls Silicon Valley with Truck Displaying Restricted YouTube Videos Before Lawsuit Hearing

PragerU truck in Silicon Valley

PragerU hired an advertisement truck to display its YouTube videos throughout Silicon Valley today ahead of a hearing in a California court over allegations that YouTube wrongfully restricted access to Prageru’s content, limiting the access of PragerU’s target audience to videos on subjects such as the Ten Commandments.

Conservative nonprofit group PragerU hired a truck with LED video screens mounted to it to drive throughout Silicon Valley playing the PragerU videos that Google-owned video-sharing website YouTube has restricted on its platform.

Road trip! 🇺🇸🙌Friday is the court hearing against Google/YouTube, and TOMORROW we will be driving an LED video truck…

Posted by PragerU on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

PragerU told Breitbart News that the truck began its trip at UC Berkeley around 10 a.m. today and then traveled through the Bay area, making stops at several Big Tech company headquarters on the way to its final destination, the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara. Representatives from PragerU were at various stops to speak with reporters and those interested in learning more about YouTube’s restriction of PragerU’s content.

PragerU Chief Marketing Officer Craig Strazzeri told PJMedia in a recent statement: “It’s obvious that our videos are educational and appropriate for young people. All young people should be watching our videos. We do hope that lots of people will be given the chance to see our videos” as the truck drives through Silicon Valley. Strazzeri added: “As much as we need to win legally in the courtroom we also need to win publicly, The goal of this is to win in the court of public opinion.”

“The mainstream media has completely ignored the issue of Big Tech censorship of conservative voices,” said Strazzeri. “That’s why we’re going on this road trip Thursday, to spread public awareness on the issue so Americans know what’s going on.”

Currently, PragerU has two lawsuits against Google and its YouTube subsidiary. In Seattle in August, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard the federal case and has yet to come to a decision on the ruling. PragerU filed another lawsuit specifically in California earlier this year, and under California law, PragerU can add causes of action such as breach of contract and consumer fraud to its lawsuit.

Photos of Prager U’s video truck can be seen below:

map is available here to track the PragerU truck’s progress during the road trip as it passes Big Tech campuses on its way to the courthouse.

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