Turning Point USA Chapter President: McHenry County College Employee Replaced TPUSA Posters with Antifa Propaganda

Antifa Berkeley (Amy Osborne / AFP / Getty)

McHenry County College student and Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter president Alec Stone told Breitbart News that an employee at the college had vandalized TPUSA posters promoting an upcoming event, and replaced them with Antifa posters depicting violence against a person wearing a “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat. Stone spoke to SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow in a Wednesday interview for the show’s weekly TPUSA campus report.

Stone said that the Antifa posters depicted a man wearing a MAGA hat being threatened with a rifle, and that in the background, there was a Nazi soldier in place of the MAGA hat-wearer, in what was an apparent attempt to compare Trump supporters to Nazis.

“As we’ve been trying to promote this event, our posters have been getting taken down, and instead, being [replaced] by threatening posters that say, ‘We’ve defeated them before, we’ll defeat them again,’ with a picture of a bayonet pointing at a Nazi soldier, and trying to make it similar, they’re pointing at a person in a MAGA hat,” said Stone.

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The student also said that the TPUSA posters being vandalized and taken down had been promoting an upcoming speaking event featuring former Antifa member turned conservative activist, Gabriel Nadales.

“We also included putting up posters on the community board sponsoring a dinner coming soon in the area for a dinner hosted by the McHenry GOP that will be having Charlie Kirk as the keynote speaker,” added Stone of the promotional material his group had been distributing on campus.

According to Stone, the individual responsible for vandalizing his posters and replacing them with Antifa propaganda is also a student employee at the college.

“We had a concerned citizen within the McHenry County area that decided to reach out to our chapter and send us an email with screenshots that had a Reddit thread, which the individual that was responsible for vandalizing our material was looking for legal advice,” said Stone.

Stone added that while soliciting Reddit users for legal advice, the vandal had also disclosed that she is an employee at McHenry County College, working in the school’s IT department.

The student also mentioned that some of the discussion on Reddit involved the sales of “left-wing stickers” for those who are looking to vandalize TPUSA posters on campus.

“They put a link in the Reddit thread,” said Stone. “Essentially, it was a defense fund. So for the portion of funds that are used to purchase the stickers, they go towards bailing out Antifa members in jail.”

Nonetheless, Stone said that he and his group will continue to stand up against the forces of the left on campus.

“The reason why I stand up and why I continue to fight every day is because I’m tired of this label, this characterization of conservatives, labeling us as racist, and bigots, and Nazis, and so on and so forth,” said Stone. “We pretty much just want to combat that type of identity politics.”

Stone said that it is important for TPUSA to continue to “reach out to students and say, ‘Look, although you may be a closet conservative, we have conservatives here on campus — and we want you to be part of this movement with us. We want you to succeed, and grow, and know that you’re not alone, and that we’re here to stand by you.'”

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