BYU Counselors Create Safe Space for Offended Students

Brigham Young University
Denis Tangney Jr /Getty

Counselors at Brigham Young University created a “safe space” for students to discuss a series of anonymous messages published to the internet during a recent campus panel event on race.

According to a report by the College Fix, BYU created a “safe space” on Friday for students to gather and discuss their reaction to a series of anonymous messages that were published during a campus panel event on race.

During the lecture event, attendees were invited to pose questions to panelists via an anonymous online service. “Why do we celebrate Black history? Why not Mexican history Or white history?” one user wrote. “Why don’t we have any white people on stage?” another user wrote. “What is the percentage of African Americans on food stamps?” another user added.

The university quickly responded to the anonymous messages. In a series of tweets that were published last week, the university said that it could not identify the people that submitted the messages.

“Faculty advisors over last night’s panel are creating a report of the incident that will be shared and discussed with university administrators,” the university wrote in a Twitter thread. “We are unable to determine the identities of the commenters, and if they are BYU students or not, but regardless, these are important issues for us to continue to address as a campus.”

On Friday, BYU marketed a “safe space” event for students that were affected by the anonymous messages. “CAPs will be holding a safe space for students to process reactions to the racist comments made at the Black Immigrants panel last week,” the advertisement said. “Come connect with peers and faculty and find healing.”

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