iSurrender: Apple Pulls Plug on Electric Car Project After a Decade

Apple CEO Tim Cook looking down
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After a decade of secret development, Apple has scrapped its plans to build an EV to compete with Tesla. The tech giant had announced plans to release its debut EV in 2028 just last month.

Breitbart News reported this morning that Apple has scrapped its plans to produce an EV, nicknamed the “iCar” in honor of Apple’s notorious product naming scheme. The cancelation comes just a month after a 2028 release date for the EV was announced by the company.

Reports first emerged in 2014 that Apple was recruiting automotive engineers and talent from major car companies, kicking off an ambitious but quiet effort to break into the electric vehicle market. While Apple never publicly acknowledged the project, internal teams worked for years to develop self-driving software and test prototype Apple cars around the San Francisco Bay Area.

At its peak, Apple’s “Special Projects Group” employed thousands of employees; however, the project failed to gain traction within a company focused on consumer electronics and software. On Tuesday, Apple announced it would be winding down the electric car team and reassigning some engineers to other divisions, signaling an end to nearly a decade of work.

The cancellation highlights the challenges Apple faced in branching out into full-scale automotive manufacturing. Unlike iPhones and other electronics, producing electric cars at scale would have required major investments in factories and equipment. It was also unclear where Apple would turn for mass production of a vehicle, given its reliance on partners like Foxconn for device manufacturing.

While Apple is shutting down its car project, the company will continue developing automotive-related technologies. Its CarPlay software now comes installed in 80 percent of new cars, providing iPhone integration and infotainment features. Apple may also utilize self-driving software expertise gained from its autonomous test vehicles for future transportation projects.

For Apple, canceling its car project reduces risks and overhead while allowing an increased focus on existing product categories including AI. The company recently released its first VR headset and continues to develop potential new health technologies centered on the Apple Watch.

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Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship.


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