CARTEL CHRONICLES: Mexican Authorities Capture Los Zetas’ Heir and Gulf Cartel Commander in Raids

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Photo Courtesy: Mexican Navy

MCALLEN, Texas – Mexican authorities announced the capture of a top commander from Los Zetas who was the heir to the organization, and one from the Gulf Cartel in a series of raids. One of the commanders tried to bribe Mexican police officers but his offer was turned down.

Soldiers and military forces arrested Ramiro “El Rama” Perez Ramos who has been identified as the regional commander for Los Zetas in the Nuevo Laredo area, information released to Breitbart Texas by the Mexican Navy revealed.

The arrest took place when Perez Ramos was traveling in an SUV with some of his henchmen identified as Carlos Roberto “El Pato” Hernandez, Humberto Eluterio “El Sonrics” Gutierrez Martinez, Luis Rolando “El Guicho” Caudillo Garza and Daniel Israel “El Piedrolo” Pena de la Rosa.

Inside the vehicle Mexican marines found four assault rifles along with various ammunition magazines, a grenade and 200 cocaine baggies weighing approximately 13 pounds.

According to the Mexican Navy officials, Perez Ramos was trying to take over Los Zetas following the recent arrest of their leader Omar “Z 42” Trevino Morales. Perez Ramos has been linked to multiple firefights around Tamaulipas in the constant war for drug trafficking territory. He was also allegedly the mastermind of multiple kidnappings, extortion and human trafficking cases, the information from the Mexican Navy revealed.

The other arrest took place in the port city of Tampico inside a nightclub called “Scent Club” where Luis Manuel “El K-23, R-3, Fresa-2 and El Visketin” Kadour Ponce.

Kadour Ponce has been identified by authorities as the regional commander for the faction of the Gulf Cartel in the Tampico area. At the time of his arrest he had a grenade launcher with him, according to information released to Breitbart Texas by Tamaulipas authorities.

Soon after state police officers arrested him, Kadour Ponce tried to bribe them with $400,000 pesos or about $27,000. When the police officers refused to take the bribe he began to make threats identifying himself as the plaza boss for the Gulf Cartel, the information released by Tamaulipas authorities revealed.

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