Politico Renews Attacks on Private Citizens to Protect Obama

Politico Renews Attacks on Private Citizens to Protect Obama

Ace of Spades reports that Politico “reporter” Maggie Haberman (pictured above) has taken it upon herself to do background checks on private citizens appearing in Mitt Romney campaign ads. Within hours of the release of Romney’s very effective “A Few of the 23 Million” video, Haberman published this report on the pages of the left-wing Politico:

According to public records, a Jason Clausen with his birthdate was found guilty of “assault on peace officers and others” on Feb. 28, 2005. He was sentenced to 120 days in jail, with 110 of those days suspended. He was given 730 days of probation and paid $845 in fines, records show. Iowa Department of Corrections records show he was on probation for “a serious misdemeanor” until April 3, 2006.

The records show Clausen had nearly 20 busts, tickets or fines, a number of them traffic infractions related to things like driving while intoxicated, or with a suspended license. Some were related to accidents, others to driving without seat belts.

Here’s a private citizen who has committed some “serious” misdemeanors, paid his debt to society, and now that he’s been clean going on six years, in an effort to undermine this very effective attack on Obama’s failed policies, the corrupt media is once again doing oppo-research on private citizens to rescue Their Precious One.

This isn’t the first time Politico has done oppo-research on private citizens to rescue Obama. In 2008, after then-candidate Obama approached the man who would become “Joe the Plumber” and completely fumbled his question, Jonathan Martin of Politico took it upon himself to do oppo-research on that private citizen.

The result of that report was the whole of the MSM attacking this private citizen in order to avoid talking about Obama’s revealing “spread the wealth” answer to Joe’s perfectly reasonable question.

The message from the corrupt media, Politico, and Haberman is clear: Even if you’re a private citizen, if you do anything that harms Our Precious One, we will PERSONALLY DESTROY YOU.

Our friends at The Right Sphere also found this:

You know who was lying in an ad? Brian Slagle. He’s the guy in the Obama ad claiming to have been laid off and Obama saved him. Problem is, the guy has been employed since 2006. And shortly after The Weekly Standard published this fact, Slagle took down his employment information from Facebook.

Let’s roll over to Politico.com and do a search on Brian Slagle, shall we?

Your search – brian slagle – did not match any documents.

Yeah, I thought so.

Again, the issue here is that a central point of the Obama ad is a lie. The guy in the Romney ad didn’t lie about anything. And yet, Politico went and vetted the guy in the Romney video and STILL hasn’t written a story about the guy in the Obama video who ACTUALLY LIED about something.

While I’m not interested in Mr. Slagle’s tax liens or “serious misdemeanors,” if he’s lying in the ad, that is most certainly newsworthy — just not at Politico.

It’s only May, my friends, and the MSM is already deep in the gutter.

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