Newspaper Ad Revenues Collapse to 1950 Levels

Newspaper Ad Revenues Collapse to 1950 Levels


There are three important things to keep in mind when looking at this gorgeous graph:

1. The graph is adjusted for inflation.

2. The red line accounts for online ad revenue.

3. The end began with the rise of the online blog.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like we’re winning, because the corrupt media still has the power to create its own reality – to create the illusion that they’re everywhere and still quite capable of manipulating opinion, facts, and the truth.

But this graph proves that we’re the ones who are winning and on two fronts. First off, the business model of being shameless left-wing shills when alternative and honest opinion is available online just isn’t working. Secondly, as we’ve seen this election year, the corrupt media is more desperate to hold on to its narrative and political power than to fix its business problems. This means that in competition with the New Media, Old Media is forced to quadruple down on the appalling behavior that’s driving customers away.

These cretins deserve to be put out of business and relegated to the ash heap of shame. This means we can’t allow ourselves to be psyched out by what looks like impossible odds against implacable dominance. We have to keep fighting and pushing until the Washington Post, New York Times, L.A. Times, Boston Globe, and the rest cease to exist.

You know, for America.  

These entities can’t sustain themselves forever, and the harder we fight to force the truth out there, the more the media is forced to further disgrace and expose themselves to protect their lies. This is a win-win for us.

Something else to make you feel better: The media is putting everything they have into destroying Mitt Romney, and he could still win this thing. That wouldn’t have been true four years ago. But New Media is keeping him alive, and not because we’re fighting the media, but because we are on offense against Barack Obama.

You see, there are two narratives now. The corrupt media has their narrative and New Media has its own narrative.

Sure, we fight the media on defense — mostly because it’s fun. But the real impact New Media has is not in fighting the media but in creating our own counter-narrative that pushes stories out there the corrupt media won’t tell. I’m talking about talk radio, blogs, Drudge, Fox News… And people are paying attention.

Because those of us who work online only see things from a narrow perspective, it feels like the corrupt media has been able to stifle and cover up Obama’s failings and flaws. But talk to your neighbors and friends. Ask them about Libya and Fast and Furious. You might be surprised.

Ask yourself: Why can’t all the king’s media soldiers and all the king’s men make ObamaCare popular?

It’s New Media getting the facts out there.

This is a war and we are winning.

Party at my place when CNN goes under!



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