Ratings: MSNBC Hits 7-Year Low, Fox News Rises

Ratings: MSNBC Hits 7-Year Low, Fox News Rises

As we saw during the Boston Marathon Bombing, when people want actual news, they do not turn to MSNBC. What good is liberal-talk-radio-with-pictures hosted by unlikable hipsters who all share the same pair of glasses, when you want news, facts, and information? It is no good whatsoever. This is why, for the second time this year, the bottom has fallen out of MSNBC’s ratings.

Last week, between May 13-17, MSNBC averaged 350,000 overall viewers and only 94,000 in the all-important 25-54 demo. One day last week, in that demo, MSNBC averaged only 83,000 viewers, a low not seen since July of 2006.

In July of 2006, people were wondering if MSNBC could survive.

The news is especially bad for “All In with Chris Hayes.” Rachel Maddow’s doppelganger protégé has struggled since his show launched. Last week “All In” hit its second worst showing in the 25-54 demo, with only 88,000 viewers. Hayes replaced Ed Schultz but consistently fails to match his predecessor’s ratings.

All of this makes total sense, though. If you are a liberal fretting over what the growing White House scandals might do to President Obama and his agenda, you do not want happy talk. You want the truth. Which explains why Fox News’s ratings are on the rise.

Last week, Fox News enjoyed their second biggest week of the year with 2.396 million viewers and 283,000 in the 25-54 demo.

During primetime, MSNBC actually beat CNN in total viewers, which tells you how well The Most Trusted Name In News is doing.


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